Library of Things Bendigo

Where you borrow things instead of books.

Client: Library of Things Bendigo
Project: Logo & Brand Identity Design
Year: 2020


The Library of Things (LoT) Bendigo was founded in 2019 by a group of locals who wanted access to tools and household items that are expensive to buy, take up a lot of space or are rarely used.

I worked with the LoT crew to create a hand crafted identity which reflects their grassroots origin, community spirit, and vibrant enthusiasm.


The complete brand identity consists of the wordmark, icons, patterns, colour palette, textures and social media graphics.

To help with flexibility, the wordmark can be used on its own, and the pattern of ‘things’ can also be used on its own and as a background.


The LoT wordmark and icons were drawn by hand on the iPad, which allowed me to pay close attention every detail. To achieve a genuine hand made look, I used a dry paintbrush as the basis for the wordmark.


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