The Old Church on the Hill

A welcoming community space.

Client: The Old Church on the Hill
Project: Logo & Brand Identity, Website, Typeface
Year: 2019


The Old Church on the Hill provides a place where people are valued and community can grow. The site is home to a community garden, feast space and kitchen, recreation hall, and the renowned Old Church itself.

I worked with the Old Church crew to redesign their logo and website. We decided that, while the old logo and website had served the community well, it was time for an upgrade.


The old logo had a certain whimsical charm to it, so my goal with the new logo was to maintain some of that charm but to evolve it into something more mature.


I also took inspiration from the history of the Old Church, and particularly an old sign which was used in the 1970s when it was a Uniting Church. Using that sign as a reference, I redrew the words ’Old Church’ in a similar style.


The Typeface

I decided to take the ‘Old Church’ lettering that I had drawn for the logo and expand it into a complete typeface. I used Fontself, which is an extension for Adobe Illustrator, to create the typeface.

You can purchase it from Creative Market.


The Website

The main goal of redesigning the website was to make it easier to use by organising information in a more logical way. Migrating the site across to WordPress also made it easier to keep it up to date with regular events and music gigs.

Check out the website at


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