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Back Creek Trail Scavenger Hunt – Building Community and Supporting Local Businesses

26 May 2021

A community-based project designed and implemented by local artist Wes Franklin in April 2021.

Taking Gratitude to the Streets – a Community Mural in Quarry Hill, Bendigo

12 Oct 2020

How we transformed a blank rebound wall into a brightly painted gratitude mural at Quarry Hill Recreation Reserve.

A Place to Belong – Collaborative Headspace Mural

19 Dec 2019

How we turned a dark and dingy car park into a vibrant space where outdoor events can be held.

A Place at the Table

30 Aug 2019

How I created a mural that offers hospitality and puts a smile on the face of all who enter the feast space at The Old Church on the Hill.

Inspiring Darwinites to Explore Their Creativity

26 Apr 2018

An interview with Carla Russo, local artist and owner of The Artful Room.

Case Study: Inspiring Creativity

12 Apr 2018

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to create my first piece of hand-painted lettering, which now hangs at The Artful Room in Nightcliff, Darwin.