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Wes Franklin Featured in Autumn 2022 Edition of Bendigo Magazine

24 Mar 2022

The latest edition of Bendigo Magazine features a four-page story on Wes’ creative practice.

Local Artist Profile: Wes Franklin

21 Nov 2021

Wes had a chat with Adam Carswell of Bendigo Times about his work as a mural artist and graphic designer.

Back Creek Trail Scavenger Hunt – Building Community and Supporting Local Businesses

26 May 2021

A community-based project designed and implemented by local artist Wes Franklin in April 2021.

Taking Gratitude to the Streets – a Community Mural in Quarry Hill, Bendigo

12 Oct 2020

How we transformed a blank rebound wall into a brightly painted gratitude mural at Quarry Hill Recreation Reserve.

A Place to Belong – Collaborative Headspace Mural

19 Dec 2019

How we turned a dark and dingy car park into a vibrant space where outdoor events can be held.

A Place at the Table

30 Aug 2019

How I created a mural that offers hospitality and puts a smile on the face of all who enter the feast space at The Old Church on the Hill.